Fans are convinced Mary and Teddy have feelings for each other

On Monday night's episode, Teddy and Mary shared a sweet moment and now fans are desperate to see them together.

Love Island is finally coming to a close with just two weeks left for the Islanders to take advantage of the villa to find the love of their lives. We’re dying to see which girls and boys couple up in the last few days of the show, but fans are beginning to see promise in one particular pairing—Teddy and Mary.

A new couple on the horizon?

It’s been a rough couple of days for Teddy after his explosive fight with Faye on Friday night but it looks like he is ready to move on.

He may have gone on a date with new bombshell Priya, but fans are more curious about his potential relationship with 22-year-old model Mary. The two were seen having a cosy chat near the fire pit on last night’s episode and a viewer pointed out that there might be a spark between the two of them. They wrote on Twitter:

I wonder if Mary has secret feelings for Teddy that will come out at some point? Maybe that’s why she started pushing Dale away? Or maybe I’m totally wrong.

Another Love Island fan speculated:

I feel like Mary could make a move on Teddy and they could be a thing. She isn't a bestie of Faye's and I think she has that mentality of just getting what she wants. I'm here for it!! #loveIsland.

Dramatic love triangle

Although Faye publicly declared that things were over between Teddy and her, she was still distraught when he went on a date with Priya—who already expressed her interest in him before she entered the villa.

Moreover, viewers noticed that Mary wasn’t the biggest fan of Faye when she was seen rolling her eyes at the 26-year-old in the dressing room.

Could there be some upcoming drama between the girls? We’ll just have to wait and watch.

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