Eyal Booker Unveils Details Of The Mysterious Love Island Lockdown Period

Love Island is set to launch on ITV2 tonight and a former islander has let slip the details of what happens the week before contestants step foot in the villa. Check out the video to find out more!

The nation’s favourite reality TV show is due to kick off tonight but where have the new contestants been hiding for the past week? Former contestant, Eyal Booker, has decided to let us in on a few of the details!

The ex-islander described the lockdown period as a “a nice little holiday” and a chance to get support and reassurance from chaperones in preparation for their time in the villa. When asked about what he thought of the opportunity, Eyal said, “I definitely think it’s a daunting experience but it’s a nice experience, it’s not like you’re locked in a room for seven days and you’re just in on your own.”

The Love Island Star, though unsuccessful in last year’s series, has managed to find love with model Delilah Belle Hamin, who he was spotted getting close to at Coachella Festival last month.

Check out the video to find out what the Love Island lockdown is all about!

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