Ex-Love Islander Niall Aslam Has An Important Message About Mental Health

The Love Island star has taken to Instagram to share an emotional update with his fans.

Though his time in the villa was short, Niall Aslam's sudden exit was one of the first big shocks of Love Island 2018. We were all devastated when our favourite Harry Potter fan gave up his search for his 'rainbow fish' and left the show under mysterious circumstances.

We didn't hear anything from Niall for days after his departure and there were even reports that his friends were becoming worried about his lack of contact with them. Then, Niall took to Instagram to reveal that he was struggling inside the villa due to his Asperger's Syndrome - a diagnosis he had only previously shared with his closest family.

Support for Niall poured in and the National Autistic Society praised Niall for speaking out about his autism. At the time, their director of external affairs, Jane Harris, said: 'We really hope that Love Island contestant Niall Aslam's revelation that he is autistic will encourage fans of the show to find out more about autism.'

Things have been fairly quiet from Niall recently and now he has revealed the reason behind this in an emotional Instagram post. Watch the video above to see what Niall had to say.

Love Island 2021 has increased mental health support for the cast Love Island 2021 has increased mental health support for the cast