Episode 1 Recap: The First Couplings Of Winter Love Island Were Terribly Awkward

Episode 1 Recap: The First Couplings Of Winter Love Island Were Terribly Awkward

This first-ever episode of Love Island Winter kicked off this Sunday with new host Laura Whitmore, and already we've seen the first coupling... and we're willing to bet this one doesn't last long! Cue the cringe...

Winter Love Island started off with a bang this weekend with first male contestant Nas Majeed entering the villa to meet the girls. However, it didn't seem like he was exactly what they were hoping for!

Despite the obvious lack of attraction, Nas decided to couple up with the beautiful Siânnise, who made it clear she was not interested... Awkward!

"Prince Charles' well-heeled neighbour" Ollie also saw himself with a lack of girls looking to couple up with him; it seems like no one is drawn to the fact that he's royalty (his words). He ended up pairing with Lewis Capaldi's ex-girlfriend Paige Turley, who also made it clear that she was not attracted to him. Poor guy...

It seems like the girls are being patient this year and are waiting until a bombshell hits the villa!

The only couple that seemed genuinely interested in each other, Callum and Shaughna, already seem like a cute couple! Salesman Conor and Sophie - sister of Rochelle Humes - also coupled up and it seems like this pair could last... Time will tell.

The 'If you don't love yourself, who will' Leanne may have also found someone to couple up with: London police officer Mike. That's saying a lot, considering she rates herself a 10!

As for the twins, they missed the first coupling but they made a grand entrance later in the evening with bottles of champagne in hand. In the beach hut, Shaughna admitted: 'I was really trying so hard not to look fuming. I was trying so hard not to look bothered.'

It looks like Siânnise and Paige might be interested in the pair after all...

The arrival of the twins set the tone for this season! DRAMA!

Kim Scott
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