Dumped Islanders could be forced to quarantine as Majorca joins amber list

As Majorca is moved to the UK’s COVID amber list, dumped Islanders are likely to face a 10-day quarantine when they return to the UK.

Love Island producers are reported to have ‘contingency plans’ in place as Majorca—where the Love Island villa is located—is moved from the green to the amber COVID list. That means that any unvaccinated person returning to the UK from Majorca will have to quarantine for 10 days on arrival.

Also starting Monday, fully-NHS-vaccinated travellers returning to the UK from an amber list country will no longer have to quarantine. However, seeing as all the Islanders are under 30, it’s quite unlikely that many of them will have been fully vaccinated before entering the villa.

Will Brad have to quarantine?

The most recently dumped Islander, Brad McLelland, is likely to escape the new quarantine requirement as long as he returns to the UK before Monday 19th when Majorca is officially moved to the amber list. That means he should still be able to appear on this week’s Aftersunwhich will likely also feature Rachel Finni.

How will Majorca’s amber status affect Love Island 2021?

Any dumped Islanders returning to the UK after this week may have to appear on Aftersun via video call only—or else put off their appearance until a week or two after their dumping. Alternatively, we might see dumpings shifted to earlier in the week. For instance, if an Islander is dumped on a Saturday/Sunday and flies back to the UK on a Sunday/Monday, they could potentially use Day 5 test-to-release to get out of quarantine just in time to film Aftersun on the Sunday.

It’s also unclear how the new rules will affect host Laura Whitmore’s appearances on the show. So far Laura has appeared in only 12 minutes of Love Island footage this series (not including Aftersun) and hasn’t returned to the villa in person since the very first coupling. With Aftersun filmed in London, the new rules may scupper any plans for her to return to the villa this series—unless she has been fully vaccinated.

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