Bombshell Lucy Plunkett fuels rumours to her entry in Love Island

Lucy Plunkett has saucily sent a cryptic message through her Instagram that she might be one of the faces on Love Island.

The 20-year-old Irish influencer has recently sparked fuel to the rumours by her recent Instagram post. Lucy posted on her Instagram on Thursday in a stunning pink ruched skirt and semi-sheer bodysuit from a mystery destination. This background of her picture is assumed to be Majorca by many people, the island where the show is famously being filmed.

The bombshell also posted a cryptic caption to keep her fans entertained and left them assuming that she might be one of the faces of the show. After her name was in headlines with connection to the show last week, her caption said:

Not a secret just not your business

Lucy Plunkett and the rumours

The diva kicked started the rumours after she shared a snap, in which she arrived at the Dublin airport earlier this week. She further added fuel to the fire of the rumours concerning the show on her Instagram. In one of her stories, she showed off tons of new bikinis and said she was emotional as she ordered her 'last takeaway tonight.'

Reportedly, she was contacted by Love Island bosses through her Instagram. One of her friends told the publication that she is a free spirit. Amidst these speculations, fans believe that she would appear on the show after the launch night. In the famous post, she is standing on steps as she looked over her shoulder in front of a paved courtyard overlooking apartments and a restaurant.

Lucy on Love Island 2021

After making it to headlines, sources close to Lucy also made remarks that aided the Irish beauty’s entry into the villa. One of her friends argued that she will speak her mind in the villa, and can be problematic as well. Another source added:

I expect her to be herself. She sometimes may come across as mean or a b***h due to her honest nature but she is a girl's girl and is a sweetheart once you get to know her.

In her quest to find love in the villa, one of her pals said:

Lucy is looking for a man who is loyal and isn’t too controlling. She’s very much a free spirit who beats to her own drum.

If the rumours are to be true, this season’s Love Island just got spicier.

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