A First Look At The New Love Island Villa For 2019 Series

The return of Love Island, the nation’s most-watched reality TV show, is a mere days away and despite recent backlash, people are still gearing up for the launch of show. Check out the video to see the brand new Love Island villa for the 2019 series!

A First Look At The New Love Island Villa For 2019 Series
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The on-screen summer dating show may be facing a surge of controversy in recent weeks, but it is undeniable that many of us are still dying to see the different dramas and relationships set to unfold in the upcoming fifth series.

Just weeks ago, images surfaced which showed the Love Island villa in a state far from glamourous which incited much speculation on whether the resort would be ready in time to grace our screens. In fact the islanders’ new home appeared to look closer to that of a building site than the much anticipated luxury resort we have come to expect.

Thankfully new photos have emerged of the updated villa and while much of the inner layout remains relatively similar to the previous year, there are a few positive surprises in the mix for the new contestants.

Check out the video for a first glimpse at the new Love island villa!

Image: TheTab