5 tips for a successful Valentine's Day dinner

Are you planning a Valentine's Day dinner? Don't panic, here are all our tips to make your romantic night a success!

5 Tips For a Successful Valentine's Day Dinner
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5 Tips For a Successful Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine's Day dinner is the perfect time to spoil your loved one with gifts and a delicious meal. But Valentine's Day is often a stressful time: you don't want to disappoint your other half, and you start preparing complex recipes. Here are all our tips for a successful romantic meal.

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1. Don’t make your life complicated

To please your partner, you tend to want to go overboard. Venturing into overly complex preparations can be time-consuming and stressful. Don't plan for multiple appetisers, starters and garnishes. Try to channel your creativity into a very simple meal: starter, main course, dessert, a glass of champagne and a good glass of wine. Simplicity is your best ally for a romantic dinner.

2. Choose simple recipes

To succeed in your preparations and please your partner, rely on simplicity with classic recipes, the ones you master and are sure to succeed at. Opt for foie gras on toast as a starter, poultry meat with vegetable-based toppings, a good pasta dish with a refined sauce, a simple dessert with fruit or chocolate. These are sure things. It is better to make something simple and well-executed than a complicated recipe that is only half successful.

3. Go for raw recipes

If you're afraid of wasting time in the kitchen and getting lost in overly demanding preparations, forget about recipes that involve cooking. Focus on raw preparations that will require much less time and precision. As a starter, a carpaccio of meat, as the main course, a ceviche of fish that is tangy with avocado and mango, and as a dessert, a tiramisu or an exotic fruit salad. These are light recipes full of pep that are sure to please.

4. Go for frozen products

If you don't have time to prepare a Valentine's Day dinner worthy of the name, it's not sacrilege to opt for a frozen dinner. Many stores offer very sophisticated menus to enjoy at home. After all, it's the thought that counts, isn't it?

5. Make a nice table setting

Whether your meal is homemade or frozen, you'll need to apply yourself when it comes to the table setting to impress your other half. Prepare a beautiful Valentine's Day table with roses, candles, a pretty tablecloth, elegant wine glasses and fine tableware. Success guaranteed!

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