I'm A Celeb Producers Are Paying HOW Much To Keep Holly On The Show?

After Dec's jokey comment hinting at Holly Willoughby's costly entourage, the full price tag of Holly's appearance on the show has been unveiled...and it's pricier than you thought!

After Ant stepped down from his legendary role after 16 years presenting the Jungle antics, Holly Willoughby - Britain's favourite TV hostess - took over alongside co-host Dec Donnelly. And the pair have proved the chemistry behind their partnership an absolute delight. However, Dec made a humourous comment, poking fun at how much of the show's budget the star hostess takes up.

Whilst the comment was made lightheartedly, the true price-tag of Holly's featuring on I'm A Celeb isn't exactly cheap. In fact, the digits make our eyes water a little. It emerged that ITV are paying as much as £63,000 worth of expenses on Holly's personal entourage as well as having her family of three children and husband Dan Baldwin joining her in Oz.

It was revealed that the lot are staying at a luxury condo in the Palazzo Versace Hotel for a staggering £1,770 a night. Her children Harry, nine, Belle, seven, Chester, four are receiving private tutoring as the three are set to miss three weeks of school with Holly mentioning they have "loads to do".

As for Holly's personal staff, agent, Emily Page, personal stylist Angie Smith and personal makeup artist, Patsy O’Neill are joining the hostess on her endeavours in Australia and are taken care of by ITV as well as her family. Holly's wardrobe alone costs no less than a bomb, with over £7000 worth of outfits already having been worn by her ten days into the series.

Speaking to Mail Online, an insider source revealed "ITV want to make it clear that she is theirs and they are prepared to pay her for it," the source explained, "with the exception of Ant and Dec, Holly is their most popular and well-known presenter, and they see her as their main appeal to the female market."

And of course, Holly's driver as well as her bodyguard don't leave her side. Dec is provided with the same care with his wife Ali and baby daughter Isla having joined him as the show continues.

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