You’ve been drinking water wrong all your life, according to doctor

Drinking water is such a simple daily task that you do it without thinking. As it turns out, you may have been doing it wrong all your life.

We all know the benefits of drinking plenty of water throughout the day. But did you know there are actually good and bad ways to drink water? According to one doctor, many people have been drinking water wrong for most of their lives.

You shouldn't drink water standing

Dr Vipul Rustgi, a general physician, told Health Shots that drinking water whilst standing could actually be very harmful to the body. He explains that when you’re standing, your body and tissues are ‘in a state of tension’, which then leads to water flowing through your body too quickly.

So what type of problems can drinking water whilst standing cause?

It can cause indigestion

According to Dr Rustgi, drinking water whilst standing can cause indigestion. This is due to the force and speed with which the water flows through your food canal and falls straight into the lower stomach.

Dr Rustgi explained:

The nerves get tensed when one drinks water rapidly while standing, which disrupts the balance of fluids, causing an increase in toxins and indigestion.
You’ve been drinking water wrong all your life according to doctor Nigel Msipa / Unsplash

It can cause arthritis

Drinking water whilst standing can increase the risk of arthritis as fluids accumulate in the joints. This is due to the tensions in the nerves as you stand, but also drinking water whilst standing disrupts the balance of fluids, which then causes an increase in toxins.

Dr Rustgi explained:

Drinking water while standing can lead to the accumulation of fluids in the joints, and can trigger arthritis problems, and joint damage.

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