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Wearing Skinny Jeans Could Be Having A Serious Impact On Your Health

Season after season, fashionistas struggle to leave their skinny jeans behind. They look great but they could be bad for your health. Numerous studies show that it is restricts blood circulation and can cause back pain. Watch the video to learn more!

A study was conducted by the British Chiropractic Association that stated skinny jeans reduce body movements, especially in the knee and hips.

As a result, people reported higher cases of back pain, issues with blood circulation, damage to nerves, and muscle strains.

People with urinary tract infections should not wear skinny jeans as it restricts body movements and could cause further discomfort.

Skinny jeans are not the only fashionable items that could cause back pains - high heel shoes, flats, shoulder bags, and oversized coatscan be equally as harmful.

It's advised that people opt for loose-fitting clothes and shoes for comfort rather than tight-fitting clothing for style.

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