We All Make This Nasty Mistake When Showering
We All Make This Nasty Mistake When Showering
We All Make This Nasty Mistake When Showering
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We All Make This Nasty Mistake When Showering

Do you think you’re squeaky clean after a quick shower? Well, think again! Apparently, almost all of us make the same mistake when we shower.

According to experts, you shouldn’t shower every day, despite most of us taking a nice warm shower to start our day or a cool shower at night to cool us down before bed. However, after showering or bathing, lots of us make one mistake that we should definitely be avoiding.

The often-overlooked body part

As it turns out, there is one part of the body that most people tend to forget about in the shower: the spaces between your toes. Although they are difficult to access, they should nevertheless be dried thoroughly. If left without drying, athlete’s foot can quickly develop.

Athlete’s foot doesn’t necessarily come from the swimming pool, but can just as easily develop in your bathroom at home. The itching is very unpleasant and it can take a while for it to clear up.

This fungal infection usually affects parts of the body that contain keratin, be they your skin, hair or toenails. There are several different forms and degrees to this infection, but one thing is for sure: once you’ve got it, it is difficult to get rid of and a real nuisance.

Don't forget the feet! Getty Images

How can we prevent it

Make sure to dry your body completely and thoroughly. Another thing to add is that it is even more hygienic to use two separate towels: one for your head and another for the rest of your body.

But be careful because a towel can easily become a nesting place for bacteria and can quickly become dirty and disgusting without us even noticing.

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By Lindsay Wilson

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