Toxoplasmosis During Pregnancy
Toxoplasmosis During Pregnancy

Toxoplasmosis During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant and not immune to toxoplasmosis? We answer your questions.

Toxoplasmosis And Pregnancy

1. Symptoms: Toxoplasmosis is an infectious disease caused by a parasite that is active or inactive in farm animals and pets. It is a benign and often asymptomatic infection. Most often, the person can feel tired, have headaches and body aches and a little fever. More rarely, we notice an eruption of small pimples all over the body. Toxoplasmosis is contracted only once and you can be immunized without having any symptoms.

In pregnant women, toxoplasmosis is dangerous because it is transmitted very quickly to the fetus. It can lead to miscarriage or cause serious complications. If you are not immune during your pregnancy, you will be closely monitored and there will be some specific advice you'll need to follow.

2. Treatment of toxoplasmosis: If you contract toxoplasmosis during your pregnancy, your doctor will refer you to an infectious disease service at the hospital. There, all tests to confirm the disease and to check if it has been transmitted to your baby can be completed. If only you are infected, you will be prescribed an antibiotic treatment, spiramycin. Your child will be monitored by ultrasound for any abnormalities.

If the fetus is infected with toxoplasmosis, called "congenital toxoplasmosis", you will be treated with a combination of antibiotics, pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine. This treatment can lead to deficiencies in folic acid and dietary supplements will be offered.

3. Foods prohibited during pregnancy: To prevent contamination by toxoplasmosis, certain foods are prohibited. Raw milk cheeses are a danger and must be avoided. Raw fruits and vegetables should be washed carefully, if possible with vinegar to kill the bacteria. In general, be sure to cook your food well, especially meat. Avoid reheating your food and always check expiry dates.

If you have a cat, avoid scratches at all costs and do not clean out their litter tray during your pregnancy!

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