Thousands Of People Are Opting For This Piercing To Cure Migraines Once And For All

Thousands Of People Are Opting For This Piercing To Cure Migraines Once And For All

This will be very good news for people who suffer from migraines: this piercing could help ease your pain. Find out why in the video above.

Many of us know how much of a struggle it can be to suffer from migraines. The pain invades the top of your head around your temples and can affect up to half the skull when it’s persistent. For those who are the most affected, migraines can occur quite often and even appear multiple times a week.

Medication and acupuncture can sometimes work miracles to ease your pain. But sometimes, they do nothing, and the pain can persist for hours.

But a new trend could finally put an end to this recurring headache by getting a ‘daith piercing’ that you can get in the cartilage fold in your inner ear, just above your ear canal. In fact, lots of patients noticed quite an improvement after deciding to get this particular part of their body pierced.

The explanation? The area where the piercing is located is a very well-known pressure point for specialists and is targeted by acupuncturists during their sessions to help ease people’s migraines.

Getting a piercing here could be the only way to permanently press on this pressure point and therefore ease your migraines over a long period of time. Some people have posted impressive stories about their experiences with this on social media in which they explain that it has literally changed their lives. On the other hand, its effectiveness is disputed by some professionals who argue that the only supporting evidence that a daith piercing works is anecdotal.

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Check out the video above to see more about daith piercings for yourself! 

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