This new disinfectant could wipe out COVID-19 forever

Scientists have come up with a new disinfectant that can kill lethal bacteria on surfaces for up to seven days.

Researchers from the University of Central Florida have come out with a nano-particle based disinfectant that could not only help in the fight against COVID-19 but all future pathogenic viruses as well.

A disinfectant like no other

The one-of-a-kind disinfectant has the ability to continuously kill viruses found on high-touch surfaces for up to seven days. The active ingredient found in the revolutionary product is an engineered nanostructure called cerium oxide known for its regenerative antioxidant properties. To make the solution more potent against lethal pathogens, microscopic amounts of silver are mixed in with cerium oxide particles.

Christina Drake, a University of Central Floria alumna and founder of Kismet Technologies explains that she conceived the idea for this product at the onset of the pandemic:

Initially my thought was to develop a fast-acting disinfectant, but we spoke to consumers—like doctors and dentists—to find out what they really wanted from a disinfectant. What mattered the most to them was something long-lasting that would continue to disinfect high-touch areas like doorhandles and floors long after application.

With the help of Sudipta Seal, a University of Central Floria materials engineer and expert on nanosciences, the product works both chemically and mechanically. Seal explains that:

The nanoparticles emit electrons that oxidize the virus, rendering it inactive. Mechanically, they also attach themselves to the virus and rupture the surface almost like popping a balloon.

Both scientists believe that this new invention will have a major beneficial impact in health care settings, most notably, in reducing the rate of infections acquired within hospitals. What's more, unlike commercially mass-produced disinfectants, the formula used to create this new technology has zero harmful chemicals. This means that it can be used on any type of surface including skin and even eye cells.

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