This Is Why You Should Never Wash Your Face While In The Shower

This Is Why You Should Never Wash Your Face While In The Shower

If you are used to washing your face in the shower, you should consider changing this ritual. Allow us to explain why.

At the end of each day, if there is a moment that we all wait for, it is the removal of make-up and washing your face under hot water in the shower. Afterwards, you feel clean, your face is completely natural, without any foundation or powder. And above all, you’re very happy to have saved time by having cleaned the body and face at the same time!

A practice dangerous for the skin

Although this practice has been ingrained as one of our habits for a long time, it would seem that it is not so good for the skin. Why? Because the water you use on your body is often too hot for the face, which can cause redness, irritation and inflammation of the facial skin. This excess heat can also lead to dehydration by damaging the skin barrier.

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If you then apply shampoo and masks, the result maybe even worse. Since the skin is raw, it will react even more to the aggressions caused by the residues of the products that get washed onto the face.

The solution?

Differentiate between when you wash your face and when you wash your body. When it comes to your face, use much more temperate water with cleansing products adapted to the fragility of the face's epidermis.

James Guttridge
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