This Is How Much You Have to Walk to Lose One Kilo
This Is How Much You Have to Walk to Lose One Kilo
This Is How Much You Have to Walk to Lose One Kilo
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This Is How Much You Have to Walk to Lose One Kilo

By James Guttridge

There is no doubt that walking is a good way to stay in shape, but we finally know how much walking it takes to lose one kilo.

We all know that to have a healthy body one must have a healthy lifestyle with a varied and balanced diet, accompanied by regular exercise.While HIIT cardio and jogging are highly recommended if you want to work on your figure, walking is also recognised as an activity that can burn a lot of calories. Although it is calmer than other ways of exercising it is still categorised as an endurance activity.

How to lose a kilo?

Losing weight means burning fat. One gram of fat is approximately equivalent to nine calories. So to lose one kilogram you have to eliminate 9,000 calories in one week, which is about 1,285 calories per day. These figures are taking meals into account since it is important to maintain a regular diet.

How much weight can you lose by walking?

One's energy expenditure when walking is 250 to 400 calories per hour, depending on the person's weight. To burn the number of calories needed to lose one kilogram you would have to walk for 30 hours without taking a break, which is a figure that seems quite high.

But don't worry, there are other ways to lose weight besides taking a trip around the world on foot. First of all, you can increase the pace of your walk or practice split walks that alternate between walking and jogging.

Also, even if your goal is to lose weight, don't stay focused on the weight you see on the scale. It's all about balance if you want to be healthy and hope to lose those extra stone. With a varied diet, walking daily, and at least 3 workout sessions a week, you will succeed in slimming down effectively and sustainably.

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