These Marks on Your Lips Could Be an Indication of a Serious Illness
These Marks on Your Lips Could Be an Indication of a Serious Illness
These Marks on Your Lips Could Be an Indication of a Serious Illness
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These Marks on Your Lips Could Be an Indication of a Serious Illness

By Lindsay Wilson

Despite the fact that we look at our lips very often when we’re doing our make up, they may be sending us signals that we’re just not picking up on. Keep reading to learn about the warning signs that your lips could be sending you about your health.

How do you detect the signs? Here are the eight signs your lips may be sending you that wellness expert Hair Simran says you should watch out for.

Wrinkles on your upper lips

Over the years, it is normal for small wrinkles and expression marks to appear on the outlines of your lips, especially on your upper lip. But this can also be due to physical stress or bad habits such as smoking.

Chapped or dry lips

A dry mouth is a sign that you are dehydrated, as your lips can consequently become dry and chapped because you don’t have enough water in your body. Changes to the weather can also affect your lips, but take note if they start to sting because this could be a sign that you have some kind of allergy.

Bumps or blisters

Cold sores or blisters sometimes appear in the winter and usually heal on their own. However, they could also be the result of another health problem. If you are prone to getting them, avoid sunlight as this can irritate the area more.

Cracks at the sides of your mouth

If you lick your lips a lot, you can end up getting an infection. Cracks in the creases at the edges of your lips can lead to a build-up of bacteria, so it is important that you always have a good lip balm to hand.


If you’ve noticed that your lips have changed colour lately or have become discoloured, this could be an indication of serious liver problems. If, on the contrary, your lips turn bluish, it could be a sign of a lack of oxygen.

On the contrary, if your lips start to become lighter and a little pale, then you could have anaemia, vitamin deficiencies or low blood sugar levels. If you notice this, go to your GP and do the necessary tests.

Black spots

Black spots on your lips can be the result of too much sun exposure. It may also be caused by a vitamin B-12 deficiency or hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation can also appear on your nose, forehead and cheeks

Swollen lips

Our lips may swell up when we get hit, but they may also do so when we apply lipstick or any other product that we happen to be allergic to. On the contrary, if you are also experiencing pain in your throat or itchiness, it may be something that you have eaten, so we recommend going to the doctor.

Sore red rings around your lips

If you have inflammation around your lips, you could have eczema. Be sure to use moisturiser and keep the surrounding area soft.

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