The Paleo Diet: The Effects On Little Grace From Never Having Eaten Sugar

For most of us, it can be quite difficult to get through a whole day without eating any sugar. And yet, little Grace has managed this her entire life since she and her mother have been following the paleo diet. And the impact that this diet has had on her are unbelievable!

As we are all well aware, there are as many tips on how to live and eat healthier as there are grains of sand on the beach. While following a vegan lifestyle is becoming more and more popular and trendy nowadays, some people, on the other hand, swear by the paleo diet, just like the mother of this little girl who has never eaten sugar in her entire life!

No sugar in the house

Little Grace has never eaten sugar, grain or drank milk in her entire life! Her Australian mother Shan and her daughter strictly follow a paleo diet, as the Daily Mail reported.

The idea behind this diet is that you only eat what people who lived during the Stone Age would have been able to find in the wild. That means lots ofnuts, roots, fruits, vegetables, meat and fishwhich is pretty much the exact opposite of veganism!

Is the paleo diet safe for children?

But it’s one thing to impose such a diet as this on yourself and quite another to force it on a child. After all, children’s diets are a highly controversial topic, since their bodies are still growing, and they also require a balanced diet for their mental andcognitive functions to develop properly.

But Shan swears that the paleo diet is completely safe for her daughter, Grace. On her blog and Instagram account My Food Religion, the health expert, who also regularly puts on cooking classes and workshops, shows how well she and her daughter benefit from this diet plan.

And even though she doesn’t directly consume sugar, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t get to snack. After all, there are plenty of natural sweeteners available which can be used to make delicious pastries and treats. As Shan told the Daily Mail, her daughter has never been sick and has a strong immune system. So, maybe there really is something to this sugar-free diet!

This Little Girl Has Never Eaten Sugar - And These Are The Results This Little Girl Has Never Eaten Sugar - And These Are The Results