The Effect That Mobile Phones Have on Ants Is Terrifying

Although we are becoming more and more familiar with the negative effects of mobile phones nowadays, we’re betting that not many people would have thought that they could be so harmful to ants.

Scientists decided to do some research to find out more about the harmful effects that mobile phones have on health. In order to do this, they exposed ants to the waves emitted by smartphones and what they found was terrifying.

The ants were very quickly disorientated since the GSM waves directly affected their nervous system and prevented them from moving properly. Although some of them were able to regain some of their abilities and motor functions once the device was switched off, if they were near the phone for too long, they eventually died.

This discovery was quite an eye-opener, since the cells in our ears, which are regularly in contact with smartphones, are also very fragile. This is why it is very important not to keep your phone too close to you and also avoid making long calls with the device pressed right up against your ear.

Take the right precautions when using your phone

Be careful of these waves. Experts suggest that you avoid having your head too close to your phone for prolonged periods of time, so it might be a good idea to use the different modes available such as the 'airplane mode’ or the ‘do not disturb’ setting. Of course, lots of people nowadays also use their phone as an alarm clock, but just make sure not to have it too close to you when you’re asleep.

Using Your Smartphone Too Much Could Be Having This Serious Effect On Your Health Using Your Smartphone Too Much Could Be Having This Serious Effect On Your Health