Natural remedies to relieve menstrual pains

These natural remedies will help relieve menstrual pain.

It is no secret that periods are never very pleasant. Mood swings, stomach pains, and cramps mean that all you want to do is to move on to the following week as quickly as possible. However, instead of reaching for medication, there are very effective natural remedies that can relieve pain without damaging the body.

Raspberry herbal tea

Herbal tea which relieves menstrual pain is not a myth! Brew dried raspberry leaves in hot water and say goodbye to stomach aches. Thanks to their antispasmodic power, they can reduce stomach cramps and regulate painful periods. Always keep a teabag with you wherever you go.

Tarragon essential oil

Tarragon essential oil is perfect for relieving pain caused by menstruation. It has powerful antispasmodic uses, so it will be able to relieve tensions felt in the belly. To use it, dilute 10 drops of tarragon essential oil in 10 drops of neutral vegetable oil (sweet almond, or jojoba oil, for example) and massage your belly with it.

Tiger balm

Sometimes menstrual pain is localised in the stomach, but also in the lower back. You can use a little tiger balm to massage just above the sacrum in the lower back. The heat released by the balm should make your stomach feel lighter and make the pain go away!

Of course, don't forget to use a hot water bottle as a supplement if the pain is really too much to handle.

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