It Turns Out Looking At Yourself In The Mirror Is Actually Really Good For You

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” What if looking in the mirror wasn’t only a sign of vanity? According to researchers, this activity can even improve our wellbeing.

Studies show that looking in the mirror may be good for you
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American scientists from the University of Columbia claim that looking at yourself in the mirror is good for your health, and they have recently found surprising benefits from this activity.

According to them, making a daily habit of looking at yourself in the mirror to appreciate your appearance directly affects your emotional and psychological health – in a good way. To give more weight to this theory, the researchers carried out an experiment with a group of people, after taking away their mirrors for a few days.

The final result!

At the end of the experiment, those who had not looked at themselves for a while in the mirror showed signs that implied they had become less sociable. As this study reveals, admiring your reflection therefore has something to do with socialising. This didn’t surprise the scientists, who explained that children use mirrors from a very young age to gain the ability to recognise themselves as individuals, in order to integrate with the world around them.

In short, don’t feel guilty for looking in the mirror a little too often – you’re doing it for your health!

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