How often should you poop in a day?

Pooping is normal and talking about it is too, probably not at the dinner table, but it is. Here’s how many times a day it is normal to poop.

However gross it may sound; pooping is a necessity of life that one cannot ignore. Your poop can indicate if you're getting enough fibre and water in your diet, as well as whether your digestive tract is processing food too rapidly or too slowly. Additionally, persistent changes in bowel habits or the nature of your excrement may indicate a medical ailment that has to be treated.

Number of times

While there is no general rule on how often one should poop in a day, Healthline suggests that anywhere between three bowel movements a day to three bowel movements a week can be normal for a person. Consistency of a person’s bowel movement is an indicator of their overall health and if someone doesn’t poop enough then it may indicate severe health problems.

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Most people have a regular bowel pattern. Meaning, they go the same number of times every day and usually at a similar time. According to a survey of more than 2000 people conducted by Healthline, almost 50% of them pooped once a day and almost 28% fell under the category of twice a day.

Things that affect your poop

Bowel movement allows you to empty your waste from your body to make it function better. Several factors affect your bowel movements, from their frequency to consistency and colour. Here are some factors that affect it:


Soluble and insoluble forms of whole grains, vegetables and fruits help your poop to stay consistent and should be an essential part of your diet.

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The older you get, the more likely that you will be constipated. Factors like reduced mobility, medications or gastric issues all affect your bowel movement in old age.


If you have an active lifestyle, your bowel movement will be just right for your age.

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