How Long Do You Have To Dance For To Lose Weight?

Fancy shedding a few pounds for summer? Well why not put on your dancing shoes!

If you want to successfully lose weight and keep it off, the key is finding a balance between your calorie intake and expenditure. And nothing is better for this than doing regular exercise... and we're not just talking about sports!

Exercise and losing weight

But whether you have a few busy weeks at work ahead or its summer and you're spending more time wandering around or lying by the pool, it’s not always easy to incorporate exercise into your schedule. Even though hours of walking around can help you lose a bit of weight, there’s an even better, more entertaining, way to burn calories and have fun at the same time: dancing!

Burning calories through dance

The Macarena, Saturday Night or even Despacito… We’ve all spent our fair share of hours dancing to these hits on the dance floor.

Every hour you spend moving helps and you burn an average of 350 calories by doing so. The faster you dance and the more you pop n lock (no judgement), the more weight you will obviously lose.

The best dances for weight loss

The number of calories you burn will fluctuate depending on what type of dancing you are doing. If you’re doing quite a slow dance, you will lose roughly a hundred calories. Whereas faster dances will visibly make you sweat and you will burn more calories (naturally). According to magazine Grazia, here are the numbers:

  • Between 400 and 650 calories for break-dancing
  • Between 350 and 650 calories for Zumba
  • Between 370 and 610 calories for hip hop
  • Between 405 and 480 calories for salsa
  • Between 380 and 450 calories for ballet
  • Between 290 and 420 calories for country
  • Between 250 and 350 calories for pole dancing

So what are you waiting for? Time to tear up the dance floor!

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