Here Are 5 Benefits Of Cashews You Should Know About

Did you know that cashews have amazing nutritional benefits? Let's take a closer look at this small, but incredible nut.

Nuts are known for their many health benefits, and among them is the cashew nut. This small nut is native to Brazil. It can be eaten in many different forms: blended to make a butter or vegan cheese, in salads to add a bit of crunch, in soups or in pastries. One thing is sure, this oilseed is renowned for its many benefits. Read on to find out what they are!

They are good for the heart

If you want to take good care of your heart, cashews are a must. A regular consumption (but in small doses) could help keep the risk of cardiovascular disease at bay. Rich in good fats, they lower bad cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

They are compatible with a diet

If you are trying to re-balance your diet or looking to lose weight, cashews can be helpful. Rich in fibre, they have an appetite suppressant effect by accelerating the feeling of fullness. In addition, they are low in calories, especially when compared to other nuts. So you can eat them as a snack when you're feeling hungry, or simply add them into your meals. However, be careful not to eat too many of them or you may get the opposite effect.

They reduce the risk of cancer

Cashews are rich in copper and vitamin E, making them effective antioxidants. Thanks to these properties, cashew nuts help the body fight free radicals (cell degeneration) and thus limit the development of cancer cells. They are particularly effective in limiting the risk of contracting colon or intestinal cancer.

They limit the risk of diabetes

People who are prone to high blood sugar levels should not hesitate to eat cashews every day. In fact, cashews are perfect for limiting the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. They are full of unsaturated fatty acids, and can, therefore, act directly on the blood to lower blood sugar levels. They can also be eaten even if you already have diabetes because they help assimilate blood sugar. Good news!

They're an ideal way to fight against cravings

Do you get a bit sleepy during the day? Forget sugary cereal bars and go for cashews instead. They're an ideal way to give your body a bit of a boost when it's tired. Thanks to their high magnesium and vitamin content, they are perfect for fighting against fatigue.

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