'Framing' is the masturbation technique that can benefit your mental health

Masturbation has been proven to provide many health benefits but did you know that it can also have a positive impact on your mental health?

Mental health is no laughing matter. But it also doesn't have to be a painful and tedious work in progress. Sometimes the idea of having to vocalize whatever it is that is plaguing your existence might seem daunting and with good reason; some of us just simply have a harder time expressing our emotions through dialogue.

The many benefits of masturbation

Surprisingly so, an effective way of alleviating mental health stress is through the simple act of pleasing yourself...sexually speaking that is. Experts suggest that masturbation can lead to a multitude of health benefits that directly impact your state of mind; from reducing one's stress, to aiding in sleeping better to even helping those with attention deficiencies, self-pleasuring is not to be overlooked!

Masturbation for the purpose of easing the mind is now more and more being called 'mindful masturbation' and many techniques can allow for this form of self-help to take place.

What is framing?

One such technique that can promote a healthier state of mind is called 'framing' and it involves linking the concept of orgasms with the mind instead of the body. In doing so, you are focusing on the power of your mind's ability to tap into the sphere of imagination to get yourself going—instead of relying on the physical aspects of pornography.

Now let's make something clear here, we are totally for the use of raunchy visuals to get you off if that is what floats your boat but if boosting your mental capacities is the aim then it's definitely worth trying out this exercise.

Ultimately, the idea is to frame the concept of orgasms in such a way where you don't have to necessarily touch yourself and be directly stimulated by a visual input. By reframing the concept of climaxing so it is exclusively tied to ideas of eroticism is an exercise that can help you in achieving more heightened physical pleasure. Conceptually-sexual and pleasurably-beneficial? Sign us up!

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