Eating Just Two Bananas A Day Could Have An Incredible Effect On Your Body

We eat them nearly every day, but do we really know the benefits of a banana on our bodies? And what happens when we eat them daily?

Bananas are a great fruit for our health. Those suffering from heartburn will be delighted to know that they are a natural anti-acid. In fact, they are one of the only foods that we can digest when suffering from a stomach ulcer.

Bananas, good for the heart

Bananas are a fruit rich in fibre and help on the toilet if you have constipation. In short, they are full of advantages for the digestive system.

This fruit also has benefits for the heart. Low in sodium and rich in potassium, bananas help to prevent heart problems. Potassium helps to fight muscle cramps. It’s for this reason that they are an excellent snack to have before or after sport.

Useful when you’re ill

Anaemia is a health problem characterised by a shortage of red blood cells. The iron in bananas allows for stimulation of the production of these cells. This fruit is also known for being an anti-depressant. The vitamin B component calms and helps us to relax.

Lastly, eating bananas lowers the body’s temperature, which is useful for when we have a fever, for example. And the good news is that it’s a delicious fruit which is available all year round.

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