COVID-Positive Woman Goes to the Hospital to Give Birth and Refuses to Wear a Mask

If we want to stop the spread of the coronavirus, we all need to be aware of hygiene and prevention measures and follow them. Toledo Hospital was the scene of an unusual incident involving a pregnant woman.

A woman in labor went to Toledo Hospital last August to have her baby. However, it appears that both she and her partner refused to wear masks during the entire process.

The hospital's team of midwives was very displeased with the couple's attitude towards hospital management. They insulted and threatened them when they were told they had to wear a mask.

But things didn't stop at a small altercation caused by the couple's refusal to comply with sanitary regulations. After giving birth, the woman tested positive for COVID-19, meaning she'd put hospital staff at risk.

The protection protocol was activated, and the healthcare professionals who treated the woman had to go home and shelter in place. In addition, hospital staff had to get rapid tests to make sure they were in the clear.

The College of Nursing told

These difficult healthcare situations can be tough to handle and get in the way of the staff doing their job, so if ever you're in a similar situation, we advise you to alert your supervisor(s) and call local authorities to take over and punish [the patient] for not complying to mandatory Public Health regulations and putting everyone's, especially the healthcare personnel's, health at risk.

The hospital also issued a statement, saying:

If we're going to stop this pandemic, we all need to work together and comply with health authorities' instructions, recommendations, and regulations, otherwise, all the hard work health professionals have done and continue to do will have been useless; that would be a shame and come at a tremendous cost health-wise, socially, and economically.
Woman gives birth while in coma after contracting Covid-19 Woman gives birth while in coma after contracting Covid-19