Covid-19: Does the COVID vaccine really increase boob size?

People have been reporting an increase in the size of their breasts after getting the coronavirus vaccine.

Amid the thousands of posts on social media regarding COVID-19 vaccines and what they can or cannot do to your body, the latest craze claims the jab can make your boobs bigger. So, is there any truth in this rumour making the rounds on the internet?

Misinformation is counterproductive

After the Nicki Minaj anti-vax Twitter scandalwhere she told fans her cousin's friend became infertile after getting jabbed, misinformation, now more than ever, must not be treated lightly. As it turns out, people have reported feeling irregular lumps in their breast area as well as an abnormal increase in size leading some to believe there is a link between breast cancer and the coronavirus.

However, according to Dr. Jessica Shepherd, Chief Medical Officer of Verywell Health, no such statement should be taken seriously as no scientific evidence has come to this conclusion. She explains that:

Often what they’re seeing is swollen lymph nodes which can mimic breast cancer but are generally no cause for concern. If they do happen to develop and notice a lump and it becomes progressively larger or has severe pain, you should reach out to your medical provider and make an appointment.

Swollen lymph nodes

She also shared some very valuable knowledge that dispels the rumours when she revealed that according to a study:

11.6% of patients who received the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine had swollen lymph nodes after the first dose, and 16% after the second dose.

Adding that:

This increase in breast size is more likely due to vaccine-induced lymphadenopathy, also known as swelling of the lymph nodes. Although it is not completely clear how long it takes for the swelling to go down, it is usually a temporary effect and should clear rather quickly.
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