Avocados: There is a downside to eating the fruit that you should know about

Avocados have become very popular in recent years. People have added them to their diets, but what do they bring to the table?

Avocados have definitely become more popular over the last few years. Most people have found a way to add them to their diets, especially vegetarian and vegan diets. But do you know the health benefits of adding them to your diet?

Avocados are a great energy source

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Avocados have natural fats, these fats are an excellent source of energy. In fact, avocados are excellent for sporty people as they can fuel your workout. According to Yasi Ansari, a registered dietitian, nutritionist and a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics:

Fats can also help to fuel long-duration, low-to-moderate intensity exercise. It is key to incorporate foods like avocado into a runner’s diet to help them meet their increased energy needs and support good health and recovery,

Avocados can improve your gut health

Avocados can also help improve your gut health as they contain almost 14 grams of fibre. Eating avocados during your meal can also give you a better sensation of being full. Furthermore, avocados can help you reach your required daily fibre intake. It is recommended to get 25 grams of fibre for women and for men, 38 grams.

Ansari says:

Foods that increase satiety can help to keep athletes feeling full and more satisfied for longer periods of time,

Be careful though as too much fibre can cause some discomfort for some people.

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Avocados are a good source for potassium

Fun fact, avocados actually have more potassium than bananas. Potassium is what helps regulate your heart rate and blood pressure and keeps you hydrated.

Downside of eating avocados

As with most foods, too much isn’t good for you. It is also good to bear in mind that avocados are higher in fat and calories, so if you are thinking about adding them to your diet, you should definitely think about your end goal.

You should also use other ingredients that offer healthy fats and fibre like olive oil and a mix of fruits and veggies. Avocados can cause some digestion problems for some people so make sure to add them gently into your diet and based on your current gut health.

The health benefits of eating avocados David B Townsend/Unsplash

Ways to add avocados to your diet

  • Add it to a smoothie to make it thicker in texture
  • Mix chopped avocados into a salad to get those fats that help you absorb vitamins
  • Add avocado spread to a sandwich of your choice in place of mayo
  • Make avocado toast with eggs and tomatoes for a balance of carbs, protein, and fat
  • Add avocados to your taco, burrito, or burrito bowl for a Mexican-inspired dish
  • Make ice cream by freezing avocado pulp and adding honey for a tasty frozen treat
Eating avocados can have serious health consequences Eating avocados can have serious health consequences