This Woman's Hand's Started To Turn Black After She Spent The Afternoon Cleaning Her House

It happened in China, when a woman made a small cut on her hand while cleaning her home. First, she did not give it much thought, until her hands began to darken.

Ms. Zhang, 53, a native of Hubei Province, China, was cleaning her house as usual. That day she realised that she had suffered a small cut but had no idea how serious the wound would end up being.

The next day, she noticed that, around the wound, her skin had started to darken. She also began to feel a numbing around the cut, but she still thought that it was simply a consequence of the scarring process.

The Clues To Your Health Are In Your Hands
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The Clues To Your Health Are In Your Hands

A few hours later the darkened area began to grow, spreading to her fingers and nails of her left hand. When she thought that the cut was beginning to heal, she noticed that her right hand was also beginning to get darker.

As the black zone was growing, she lost sensitivity

Horrified, she ran to the hospital, where she was treated urgently. The doctors couldn’t believe their eyes.

Check out the video above to find out what happened next!

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