These 25 Summer Hairstyles Are Perfect For The Hot Weather

In summer, it's not usually ideal to leave your hair loose. With the heat you tend to sweat, so wearing your hair up can help. Here are our 25 favourite summer updos to keep you cool and looking fresh...

Finally! Summer has arrived. The mercury has been rising and hot temperatures have set in.

While in terms of style, we’re now focusing on dresses, skirts, small tops and sandals, in terms of beauty it is sometimes more difficult to put on make-up and do something with your hair during the hot summer months. Whether you have a long, thick mane or thinner, shorter hair, it doesn't matter, it's always difficult to adapt. The solution? Wear it up.

But you don't always have to just go for a simple ponytail or a hastily made bun. Even in summer, you can stay super stylish and keep mixing it up with a variety of gorgeous updos.

Perfect Hairstyles Ideas To Combat The Summer Heat
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Perfect Hairstyles Ideas To Combat The Summer Heat

The field of possibilities is very wide! When timing is tight you can go for a half-bun, a simple braid or a messy-bun tied up with a scrunchie or a scarf. However, if you have more time, choose more elaborate hairstyles. You could choose to do a braided crown, a wheat braid, a bohemian bun or even a ‘bubble’ style ponytail.

We've been scouring Instagram to find 25 absolutely gorgeous hairstyles for all hair types that will match perfectly with all hair colours to inspire your summer looks. We’ll let you see them all in the gallery below...

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