Jennifer Lopez Is Bringing Back a Signature Hairstyle From the 1990s

An expert in changing up her hair, Jennifer Lopez recently decided to bring back a signature hairstyle from the 1990s.

Fashion never truly dies!

Although this saying is very true for clothes, the same goes for beauty trends and hairstyles from the 1990s which are currently making a comeback.

Jennifer Lopez is both a trendsetter as well as a singer and regularly changes her hairstyle. From short to long, she is often changing her look and adding a bit more flair. Recently, she brought back a signature 1990s hairstyle that although her fans were surprised to see, really won them over.

A very fashionable style in 1990

On Friday 18th July, ‘Jenny from the Block’ posted a photo in which she had two small high buns on either side of her head. But she didn’t stop there. The international star also took the time to style the baby hairs around her face. Using a hair gel to keep them in place, she stuck them down onto her forehead, adding a slightly more sophisticated touch to her hairstyle, straight out of the Spice Girls era.

1990s hairstyles are making a comeback

Braids down the side of your face, contrasting colours with striking blonde strips, mullets… Since the beginning of the year, we have been seeing more and more 1990s hairstyles making a comeback.

From models at fashion shows to influencers on Instagram, these styles have been winning over beauty fans all over the world who are now even accessorising their looks with scarves, headbands and hair clips.

Jennifer Lopez’s New Hairstyle Is The Next Hair Trend Of 2020 Jennifer Lopez’s New Hairstyle Is The Next Hair Trend Of 2020