Top 15 Gardening Hacks

Top 15 Gardening Hacks
Top 15 Gardening Hacks

Whether you just like to do a bit of gardening here and there or you're a seasoned pro, our gardening hacks will help you to make the most out of your garden.

Top 15 Gardening Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

1. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder on seedlings to prevent diseases.

2. Poke holes in the lid of an old milk bottle for an easy DIY watering can.

3. Use coffee grounds to keep pests away from your plants.

4. Start growing seedlings in citrus peel. It's totally natural and will provide your plant with extra nutrients.

5. Sprinkle a layer of crushed eggshells around your plants to ward off slugs.

6. Recycle broken plant pots as labels.

7. Use one of these ladder plant stands to optimise space.

8. Plant your roses in potatoes. This helps the stems retain moisture as they develop roots.

9. Paint stones as markers for your different plants.

10. Sweeten your tomatoes by putting baking soda in the soil.

11. Soak your seeds in warm water 24 hours before sowing. This will encourage them to grow faster and stronger.

12. Fill a wine bottle with water and place it upside down in the soil. The water will trickle out slowly, keeping your plants hydrated over a long period of time.

13. Place coffee filters at the bottom of plant pots to stop all the water from draining out.

14. If you have azaleas, pouring cola onto the soil at their base will give them a boost.

15. Fix old corks to a board and press in the soil to create evenly-spaced holes perfect for planting seeds.

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