These 4 Surprising Tricks Will Totally Transform Your Garden

Do you love taking care of your garden? Here are a few rather surprising tricks that will make your life a lot easier! Check it out!

If you love working in the garden, these surprising tricks could really make your work easier. You don’t have any more pots to repot your plants? As a temporary solution, why not use empty toilet paper rolls? Did you know that coffee grinds are excellent fertilizers? Or that bicarbonate of soda is ideal for your vegetable patches? Here are 4 surprising tricks that are 100% effective.

Turn an empty toilet paper roll into a pot

Rather than throwing away your empty toilet paper rolls, reuse them as pots for your flowers. How? By adding a cardboard bottom and putting fresh soil inside. Then, all you have to do is plant your cuttings or plants.

Use coffee grinds

Rather than constantly buying new soil, why not use your old coffee grinds? They make very good fertilizers and will help your plants to shoot up!

Try using bicarbonate of soda on your vegetable patch

As surprising as it may seem, bicarbonate of soda can also be used in your garden. The website ManoMano suggests pouring it on the base of your tomato plants to make them less ‘sour’ for example.

Use nappies

Yes, babies' nappies can also be used to hydrate your plants. How? Place a nappy in your plant pots so that when you water them, the water will be soaked up by the nappy and keep your plants hydrated for longer. A good trick for when you go on holiday.

Check out the video above for some more top tips!

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