These 5 Delicious Sauces Are Perfect To Accompany Tagliatelle

Do you enjoy tagliatelle, but you're not always sure which sauce to make to accompany it? Check out some of our gourmet ideas!

These 5 Delicious Sauces Are Perfect To Accompany Tagliatelle
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These 5 Delicious Sauces Are Perfect To Accompany Tagliatelle

We all love tagliatelle!This long and flat pasta can be combined with many different recipes, all of which are very tasty. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired.

Fresh tagliatelle or dry tagliatelle?

In terms of tagliatelle, the choice is yours! You can find it in the dry pasta section, but also in packages or in bulk when it comes to fresh pasta. Which one should you choose?

The difference lies in the way they are preserved. Of course, dry pasta is dried so it keeps longer, unlike fresh pasta. However, their composition is relatively similar. The ingredients are usually durum wheat semolina, and water and eggs, especially in fresh pasta. While dry pasta has a longer cooking time (10 minutes), fresh pasta needs only 2 minutes to cook.

Dry tagliatelle tends to hold better when cooked, and you can achieve an al dente consistency. Fresh tagliatelle has a more melt-in-the-mouth quality, but it will also be more brittle if overcooked.

In conclusion, both are perfectly suitable. It all depends on the sauce that accompanies it!

Sauce recipes to accompany tagliatelle

A Bolognese sauce

Tagliatelle goes wonderfully with rich meat-based sauces, such as the famous Bolognese sauce. The tomatoes and meat will coat the surface of the tagliatelle, for an explosion of flavours in your mouth. A real treat! Use dry tagliatelle.

A spicy shrimp sauce

A bit like rice noodles, tagliatelle can be easily enhanced by a shrimp and tomato sauce. To do this, the shrimp should be fried in a bit of olive oil, before adding a tomato sauce and small peppers. If you like spicy pasta such as with an arrabbiata sauce, add red pepper flakes and fresh herbs. Opt for dry tagliatelle.

Creamy sausage sauce

In Italy, sausages are very often used to accompany pasta. However, they are not served in their regular form but rather crumbled over pasta. You can, therefore, fry an onion and a small diced tomato with a bit of sausage meat, and sear it well before adding cream and Parmesan cheese. You won't soon forget this creamy sauce! Use fresh tagliatelle.

Lemon salmon sauce

To add a fresh twist to your pasta dish, you can make a delicious lemon sauce with salmon. Simply mix fresh or smoked salmon with mascarpone, lemon juice and lemon zest. Simple and delicious! Use fresh tagliatelle.

Scallop and white wine sauce

For a chic and distinguished pasta dish, opt for scallops. Simply fry the scallops in butter, then deglaze with white wine and add a bit of crème fraîche. Once this creamy mixture is cooked through, you can then add in your tender tagliatelle. Use dry tagliatelle.

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