Tesco Is Urgently Recalling Their Popular Lasagne Product

If you've recently picked up this frozen lasagna from Tesco and are lactose intolerant or have allergies to milk and dairy products you need to return the product immediately.

Frozen lasagne can be a quick and easy-to-make dinner after a busy day at work, but if you were planning to bake one of Tesco's 430g Free From Beef Lasagnas tonight, you may want to reconsider.

This particular product is well-liked due to the fact that it is gluten-free, wheat-free, milk-free and even egg-free. A great product for people will dietary restrictions due to allergies that still want a delicious lasagne.

What product?

Tesco is now recalling its Free From Beef Lasagne products due to the fact that they contain milk despite the label indicating that it does not.

The only batch that has been affected in this way are the products with the best before date: 21/06/20.

According to Tesco officials, due to a manufacturing error at the supplier level only the single date code for the Tesco Free From Beef Lasagne product is being recalled, due to the fact it contains milk despite the packaging stating that it does not.

What are the dangers?

Milk allergies are actually one of the most common allergies in children under the age of 3 and while lots of kids outgrow this allergy some are stuck with it for life. Reactions can range in severity but on the more severe end, consuming milk products can actually be quite dangerous. Symptoms can range from hives and wheezing to even vomiting and digestive problems. In some cases causing one of the most problematic of allergic reactions: anaphylaxis, which can be seriously life-threatening.

If you have purchased this product and are looking to arrange a refund you can contact Tesco at 0800 505 555

Supermarkets have recalled these products for food safety reasons Supermarkets have recalled these products for food safety reasons