Food recall: These kids ready meals are being recalled for safety reasons

Little Dish has recalled one of their kids’ ready meals after discovering a packaging error that is a possible health risk.

Little Dish is warning customers that one of its ready meals may contain fish that is not labelled on the packaging. This is a health risk to people with fish allergies. Fish is identified by Allergy UK as one of the top 14 major food allergens. These allergens have to be mentioned as ingredients on product labelling.

Which products are affected?

The product affected by the recall is Little Dish British Chicken & Veg Pie 200g with the Use By date of 18 April 2021. The products that are affected will have ‘Fish Pie’ written on the film of the product, despite the outer sleeve being for the British Chicken & Veg Pie. Other Use By dates are not affected by the recall.

You can find the Use By date on the top right hand corner of the product sleeve. If you bought one of these ready meals and you or your child have an allergy to fish, you should not eat this product. Instead, you can return it to the store where you bought it and receive a full refund. You do not need to show your receipt in order to receive a refund.

What is a food allergy recall?

Food allergy recalls occur when allergy information is incorrectly displayed on products, as this can pose a health risk to people with allergies. They can also be given when risks of cross contamination are discovered. Affected products are withdrawn from shelves and customers are invited to return products already bought for a full refund.

Food allergy alerts

If you or your child suffer from food allergies, you can sign up to free Allergy Alerts from Allergy UK. You can select the allergen or allergens you’d like to receive alerts for, such as nuts, egg, fish or mustard, and you’ll receive email alerts as soon as food allergy risks such as cross-contamination or mislabelling are reported.

Supermarkets have recalled these products for food safety reasons Supermarkets have recalled these products for food safety reasons