25 Simple & Delicious Pasta Sauce Ideas

25 Simple & Delicious Pasta Sauce Ideas
25 Simple & Delicious Pasta Sauce Ideas

Do you love pasta but not know what sauce to have with it? Well keep reading to find some of our favourite ideas so you don’t run out of inspiration and maybe even have a bit of fun during lockdown as well.

Which pasta should you use?

Dry pasta or fresh pasta? Both the texture and cooking times are different for the two alternatives. However, it’s worth knowing that fresh industrial pasta is thinner, more refined so you don’t need to chew it as much, which, of course, means it isn’t as satisfying. Remember - never throw away the water!

Nothing beats homemade pasta though!

How much should you make?

We all know that we tend to overestimate how much pasta we need when measuring it out, which means we always end up with too much and can’t finish it. You should allow around 50g to 70g of uncooked pasta per person.

You can also make your own delicious homemade pasta with a pasta machine. To do this, all you need to do is mix 100g of flour and 1 egg per person. Once you have a good ball of dough, use your pasta machine to get the desired shape.

Our best gourmet sauces

Once you have chosen your pasta and measured enough out, you then have to choose the perfect sauce or garnish.

If you like fish, why not go for pasta alle vongole or a seafood or salmon based pasta dish?

If you prefer meat, there’s pasta with a creamy chicken sauce, chorizo, bolognese or why not stick with the classics and have a carbonara instead?!

Finally, if you’re in the mood for a meatless pasta dish, why not make a cacio e pepe, pesto or even a truffle pasta dish?

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