Twilight fans were left in stitches after watching ridiculous deleted scene

Just when we thought Twilight couldn’t get any more ridiculous, a brand new deleted scene has popped up on TikTok and it has been leaving fans in stitches.

Whether or not we were Team Edward or Team Jacob, nobody can look back on their pre-teen years without the feeling of absolute shame. Because of course, we were all obsessed withTwilight.

And, in an effort to understand the obsessions of our younger selves, I’d be willing to bet many of us rewatched the series in our late teens and twenties only to realise just how bad it was...But that we also still loved it.

Even the actors involved cringe at the thought of previous roles. But, at least together, we can all look back and laugh.

Everyone’s collective cringe response to the Twilight series has also birthed some rather hilarious and very meme-worthy moments, such as Robert Pattinson’s ridiculous commentary.

Now, after re-watching a re-run of the extended version of the film (admit it, it’s the ultimate guilty pleasure) TikTok user Alanna Bennett was inspired to share a very bizarre deleted scene. Bennet captioned the clip:

I know why everybody says that Bella doesn't have a personality and it's because they left out this scene here.

The scene takes place when Bella sees Edward’s bedroom for the first time and picks up a rainstick off the vampire’s shelf. She then attempts to explain to her undead lover that she used to make rainsticks with her mother as a child.

...Out of chinchilla's droppings and tissue paper.


‘Maybe that's weird’ Bella admitted and quickly placed the stick back on the shelf. The cameras then cut back to Edward who awkwardly raises his eyes probably thinking ‘yeah, that’s pretty darn weird’.

Twilightfans have taken to Twitter after being absolutely scarred by the scene. One commenter wrote:

well now that totally clears up why Edward was obsessed with her

While another chimed in saying ‘I am NEVER GETTING OVER THIS’.

One fan even called out the bizarre exercise of creative freedom after admitting ‘Yikes. I don’t remember that being in the books?’

Bella's sighing supercut

And, if that isn’t enough hilarity for one day, someone has even created a supercut of every single time Bella sighs and it is absolutely golden.

The clip essentially summing up the entirety of the character’s personality was aptly titled Kristen Stewart in Twilight: Sighing 101.

The supercut, which was initially posted to Amazon Prime’s Video Youtube Channelshows the Kristen Stewart sighing a whopping total of 41 times...That's got to be some kind of record.

Summit Entertainment/Twilight

A new Twilight book was also released earlier this year

Author of the series Stephanie Meyer also released another Twilight book earlier this year called Midnight Sun and it has already sold over a million copies. Let’s face it, we owe it to our younger selves to read it.

The book retelling Twilight from Edward’s point of view isn’t the only late addition we can expect as Meyer has also admitted she is planning on releasing two more books focused on Renesme and Jacob. But we shouldn’t expect to see them anytime soon. Meyers spoke to Books-A-Million:

I am not ready to do that right now. I want to do something brand-new. For me, a lot of the joy of writing comes from creating, and I really want to do a new world and new rules and new mythology. Mythology is kind of my thing.

We aren’t surprised that Meyers wants to take a break from the series as she admitted that writing from Edward’s point of view left her feeling anxious and added that ‘every word was a struggle’.

But, if it’s anything like her initial series it may just be worth a look.

To check out the hilarious deleted scene make sure you watch the video above!

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