This Is The Real Reason Why Netflix Changed The Ending Of The Notebook

Netflix have caused a scandal amongst romantic film fans as subscribers were unpleasantly surprised to see the ending of The Notebook had been changed!

The Notebook is a part of Netflix's catalog. Cool, right? Well no, because the end of the romantic drama starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams has been changed by the streaming platform!

Spoiler alert!

If you are asked for a romantic movie suggestion, you will either recommend PS: I Love You, A Star Is Born, or The Notebook, right? The latter had caused controversy on Netflix, as the end of the film was changed by the streaming service. (

Remember, the couple ends up together, although Allie has lost her memory, and she dies in her lover's arms. Oddly, this original ending is not the one you'll see on Netflix. Indeed, Jezebel has informed us that the streaming platform has cut the end to replace it with a take of birds flying over a lake.

Upon seeing this change, Netflix subscribers went off on Twitter: "I'm sorry but why have they changed the ending of The Notebook? The whole point is to be a sobbing mess" writes one tweeter, "I was fully about to throw my remote out of a window when I watched the alternate ending! Please explain why you changed it" tweeted another user.

After all the criticism, Netflix have finally responded to the controversy.

Check out the video above to see what they had to say!

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