He Bought A McDonald's Meal Six Years Ago... You Wouldn't Believe What It Looks Like Today

He Bought A McDonald's Meal Six Years Ago... You Wouldn't Believe What It Looks Like Today

After buying a McDonald’s meal in 2012, a Canadian farmer carefully kept it under glass for six years. 

In the summer of 2012, Dave Alexander decided to buy a cheeseburger and fries from the fast-food joint McDonald’s for an unusual purpose. This purpose? To keep it under glass for many years to see how it would change.

As appetising as it was the first day

And six years later, the verdict is in. With photos supporting his conclusions, this Canadian farmer revealed what the burger looks like now, showing that it clearly hasn’t aged.

‘The fries looked surprisingly decent still […] like they were purchased this morning. The burger itself has darkened a little bit and the bun is about as hard as a hockey puck, but it looks just like it’s brand new cosmetically,’ explains Dave Alexander, who says that everything he grows under normal circumstances decomposes a lot quicker than this.

Acknowledging that his old McDonalds meal had lived up to his expectations, the farmer then decided to auction it off on eBay. Put on sale with a starting price of 29 dollars (around £17), the price of the burger and fries soared to the point that some people were even willing to pay 150 dollars for them, which is almost £90.

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But the platform has since put an end to this auction as it clearly violated the rules of selling edible products. Whatever it may have looked like, after all these years, eating the hamburger would definitely have led to food poisoning.

Take a look at the video above to see the aged McDonald's meal for yourself! 

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