You can cure insomnia and anxiety by wearing earrings

A tremendously beautiful, ancient Chinese practice has attracted publicity across social media platforms as well as in the hub of wellness, Los Angeles. While it certainly is aesthetically pleasing, it is also beneficial for a whole host of reasons.

Do you suffer from migraine, depression, infertility, insomnia or stress? There could be a cure for that. Ear seeds are tiny balls that look like super cool gold earrings. They are to be placed on specific parts of the ear to help relieve different ailments like the ones listed above. You're probably thinking to yourself: how can an earring help relieve insomnia? We heard you coming and we have the answer!

An ancient Chinese remedy

Ear Seeds are actually linked back to an ancient Chinese remedy for overcoming a huge variety of common health issues. Why? There are two reasons. First of all, the material, gold, has energetic properties which are proven to help us in various ways. Second of all, the treatment involves strategically placing a series of gold-plated ion seeds on the inner ear, depending on the issues you are seeking to improve and which parts of the nervous system you need to stimulate.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioner Olivia Inge reveals:

In energetic terms, gold, and specifically 24k pure gold, is warming and stimulating…Gold brings a soothing vibration; it picks up energy from the surrounding area and boosts supply.

Visit a trained professional

However, it is advised that you visit a trained acupuncturist for a consultation to address the issues in advance.

To find out all benefits commonly associated with this ancient, yet stylish, Chinese remedy, have a look at the video!

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