What is the little loop on the backside of shirts for?

Ever wondered what the purpose of the little loop behind men's and women's shirts is? The answer might surprise you!

Americans call it a locker loop. It appeared in the 60s in the United States, to allow students to hang their shirts on the hook of their lockers during physical education classes. But its main purpose quickly deviated, and in the most unexpected of ways...

A love signal

In later times, the locker loop was used to indicate whether someone was single or not. Indeed, if the person wearing the shirt cut the little loop off, it meant this person was no longer available for love as they were in a committed relationship. On the other hand, if the tab was still firmly attached, it meant that the wearer was single and ready to mingle.

But with Tinder and the various other dating apps on the market, why do most shirts still have this peculiar little loop?

What does it mean today?

Over time, the locker loop became a manufacturing habit and something of a tradition. Not to mention, its pragmatic use is still relevant today as it prevents shirts from wrinkling up.

In other cases, some fashion brands have taken the liberty of playing around with the design and material of the locker loop to add their own flare to the garment. So whether it's for marketing purposes or simply a nifty utilitarian trick to keep your shirts looking wrinkle-free, the little loop is multifunctional.

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