This is the real reason celebs always wear shoes a size too big

If you are ever going to a fancy work event where you have to wear high heels for a long period of time then we have the perfect tip for you. And get this - the celebrities are doing it too! Most celebrities who walk down the red carpet wear shoes that are at least one size too big for them.

When stars are invited to the premiere of a film or to a new brand launch, they have to spend several hours on their feet. Perched on sky-high heels for hours, their feet can start to swell up pretty badly. This is the reason why many celebs opt for a shoe a size up from their usual, to avoid their shoes becoming too tight. Blisters aren't exactly glamorous for Hollywood!

You might be wondering how they manage to walk in shoes that aren't the right size. Stylists slide a silicone sole into their shoes for better grip. This also helps to stop their feet from swelling too much as their blood circulation is not restricted. Some stars opt for a sort of double-sided tape which allows the shoe to stay fixed to the foot. Before, celebs would hide these methods with a long dress, but nowadays they're not too bothered about concealing these little tricks from the public.

Check out the video for more on this red carpet trickery!

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