Kim Kardashian E! True Hollywood Story: A Home Movie To The White House

We may think we know everything about Kim K, but there's more!

'The way we use social media nowadays is in part, because of Kim Kardashian'

The queen of E! herself will have an episode on the show, They'll take a deep dive into not only Kim's world but the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan including OJ Simpson. Even before KUWTK aired. So, who is Kim Kardashian? The famous reality star who made her name into a multi-million dollar brand and became the most influential person in Hollywood and debatably on the planet or the businesswoman, mother, wife, sister, prison reform advocate and soon-to-be attorney.

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'Not everything is what you think it is,' KimKardashian

We might think we already everything about the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but with the new E! True Hollywood Story promo, we are thrilled to see there's more!

The show will feature interviews of childhood friends, her sisters, mumager Kris Jenner, Scott Disick, and who appears to be the most loving husband Kanye West. The iconic series returned on October 6, and Kim's episode will be aired on the 13th. We can't wait to see it!

In a trailer for the show's return, an image of Kim's Paper magazine photoshoot flashed on the screen along with the word, 'Exhibitionist?' Then there were two images of Kim at the White House along with the phrase, 'Political Genius?'

As we know, Kim Kardashian took advantage of her 15 minutes of fame, being Paris Hilton's partner in crime, to become one of the most if not THE MOST important star of Hollywood, with only a shameless home movie.

At another point, an off-camera voice asked, 'Can Kim become the next president of the United States?' That same person answered, 'Absolutely.' Just based on those two quick moments, it's clear that Kim's episode is suggesting Kim's walking in her dad's shoes and they might just lead her to the White House.

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