Be careful if you set foot in this natural cave, you won't get out alive

Costa Rica is home to this rather frightening cave. Anyone who sets foot in it is almost guaranteed not to come out alive.

cave Costa Rica death mysterious
© Bruno Van Der Kraan / Unsplash
cave Costa Rica death mysterious

It has all the makings of a horror film, minus the fictional aspect. A small natural cave in Costa Rica has been arousing curiosity for several weeks. No matter what living organism entered the cave, be it human or animal, its accidental passage would end in the same way: death. Entertaining as it may seem, there is a simple scientific explanation for these events.

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Science vs. the supernatural

If you're a fan of the bizarre, Costa Rica is undoubtedly the place to turn your attention, and perhaps your next trip. As revealed by the online news site The Costarican Times, there's a cave in the country with intentions as evil as an enchanted forest in a Disney cartoon. Located on the slopes of the Poas volcano, it's a death trap for anyone who dares set foot in it.

Several viral videos taken at the site show that every time torches are placed in the cellar and set alight, they are suddenly extinguished - without any external intervention, be it human or meteorological. Warning signs reinforce its eerie character, forbidding anyone to venture in. In fact, it's said that even approaching the Cueva de la Muerte (Cave of Death, as it's known in Spanish) is enough to cause terrible headaches and dizziness...

Gases in lethal concentrations

Forget paranormal explanations à la Blair Witch Project. The situation has a simple scientific explanation. There's simply no oxygen in this cellar. Worse still, the air is overloaded with carbon dioxide. According to estimates, the cellar produces almost 30 kg of CO2 per hour.

Such high concentrations inevitably lead to accelerated heart rate, altered consciousness, convulsions and, ultimately, death. It is the activity of the Poas volcano, just below, that would explain this deadly atmosphere. This active volcano is located just 40 kilometers from the country's capital, San José.

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