Doctor urges people to stop taking these four 'dangerous' supplements

If you are taking dietary supplements, you should definitely pay attention to this. Some of it might be actually doing harm to your body.

four 'dangerous' dietary supplements
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four 'dangerous' dietary supplements

Even though it has become common for people to take supplements to boost their health, these could come with a whole range of issues. For example taking dietary supplements with certain common drug could be dangerous to health. Researchers also found that some popular supplements increase your risk of cancer. Many have even been recalled over heart attack and stroke risks.

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Now, as reported by Mirror, another doctor has advised patients to stop taking certain supplements.

Stop taking these supplements according to this doctor

A doctor on TikTok, Dr Charles MD, who posts videos under the handle, @drcharlesmd1, has just made a video with an important bit of information. He advised people to stop taking 4 popular supplements.

Dr Charles says,

These are the four supplements you should never take as they're actually dangerous

According to him, the supplements to stop taking are: Vitamins A and E, as well as iron and biotin.

Many vitamins are essential for the body but an excess amount of them can cause serious damage to your health Alexander Grey

As with any medical advise, do refer to your own doctor before making a decision.

While Vitamin A is essential for your immune system to help fight infection and illness, its build-up in the body can cause serious damage. The doctor explains,

People think that it helps your skin and your eyes but it can actually build up in your body and cause liver damage.

Regarding Vitamin E, the doctor has this to say,

People love it for its antioxidant effects but it actually has been linked to higher rates of cancer

When it comes to biotin, a healthy diet should be enough to provide your body with the levels it needs. Excess biotin can be harmful, because,

It can interfere with your lab tests - you don’t actually need to supplement this for your hair and nails

Lastly, when it comes to iron, you should always consult your doctor before taking it. As the doctor explains,

Unless your doctor specifically says to take iron, it can actually damage your heart,

Can supplements really be that harmful?

Mirror cross-checked the information with British Dietetic Association (BDA) spokesperson and registered dietitian, Nichola Ludlam-Raine. As per the specialist, people should be careful before taking any kind of supplement.

She says too high level of Vitamin A is particularly bad for pregnant women. She says,

Vitamin A, particularly in its retinol form, is a supplement where caution is needed. It's crucial for pregnant women to avoid high doses of retinol, as it can lead to birth defects.

She also advised to exercise caution when it comes to Vitamin E since,

...excessive intake of Vitamin E can increase the risk of bleeding, especially in individuals on blood-thinning medications

Dr. Nichola also concurred with Dr. Charles on the subject of biotin and iron. She states,

It's important to only take iron supplements under medical supervision to avoid the risk of iron toxicity, which can damage organs.

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Taking dietary supplements with this common drug could be dangerous to your health Taking dietary supplements with this common drug could be dangerous to your health