How To Get The Perfect Bum Naturally Without Doing A Single Squat

How To Get The Perfect Bum Naturally Without Doing A Single Squat

Want the perfect beach bum for the summer but absolutely hate doing squats? You're far from alone... But fear not as we may just have found the perfect solution! Check out the video above to discover this lesser-known exercise that's got lots of us dropping squats from our exercise routine for good!

Summer is here again and if you're looking for a way to tone up your booty, look no further. Instead of doing squats, try adding hip thrusts to your workout routine. This technique works more than 80% of the gluteal muscles and it's an exercise that balances comfort and hard work.

What is a hip thrust? 

It's a glute exercise that focuses on improving your strength and power. When you do a hip thrust your hip muscles are extending as your glutes build strength and power. You can add more power if you use extra weights or dumbbells. 

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As well as improving your strength, this exercise increases your glute size and makes your bum much firmer and rounder. It also improves your weightlifting performance and takes stress off the lower back. All good stuff right?

Check out the video above to learn exactly how to do a perfect hip thrust! 

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