This could be the real reason why Jacques pulled out of Love Island

Jacques decided to quit the show last night and left viewers and fans heavy-hearted as he said he’d wait for Paige outside.

Jacques O’Neill took the decision to pull out from the show last night as he was struggling with his mental health. However, fans have speculated that the sudden exit of the rugby star from the show was not self-done but rather orchestrated by the producers.

Mental health first

The Sun reports that the viewers have been suggesting it was the show bosses behind Jacques’s decision to quit. The pro rugby star is thought to have been told to go home by ITV2 dating reality show producers over concerns about his mental health.

Many people expressed on social media that Jacques’s family or the producers had him removed from the cast after noticing that he was struggling with his mental health. Right after he decided to quit the show, viewers took to Twitter and voiced their opinion. Some of them wrote:

I think the producers saw Jacques unravelling and realised he needed to be pulled out for his mental health and public reputation before he lost it on national TV.
I'm absolutely convinced Jacques has been pulled out or given an ultimatum by producers. He's unstable.
I don't believe Jacques would leave Paige in there especially after this. He either got kicked out or family pulled him out.

While another concluded:

I really think that the producers are sending Jacques home for mental health reasons because he hasn’t handled those situations with Paige well at all.

Cut Scenes

Some fans have also speculated that Jacques was kicked out of the show by the producers and the decision to quit was just a way to cover things up for him. According to The Sun, viewers believe that they only saw ‘half the story’ of his exit from the show. A fan tweeted:

you can’t convince me jacques didn’t get kicked out by the producers.

Another added:

Jacques was 100% kicked out mans did not leave on his own.

While another chimed in:

I still lowkey think that jacques did something bad that got him kicked out & they covered it up.

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